Hi Team!

We are writing to inform you that while we’ve made efforts to keep the original Worm Digest website alive and well, our efforts have rendered the current situation we find ourselves in today. Do not fear, we still aim to bring you the best. Although we were expecting to be contacted, the owners were no longer interested in moving forward. While we have made strides in keeping the encyclopedia online for as long as we could, we are bringing a whole new life to the page and website.

So please sit back and find comfort in the new way of doing things. We are proud to serve you with even better content as we continue down this journey of embracing life and the internet and how they merge together. So keep your sanity because things are about to get fun around here! I will keep you updated as we move along! Thanks so much for tuning into the site and please be sure to leave feed back in the comments and also message us.