Ahh. The feeling of flying free across the water. The wind is blowing against your face as the water is splashing up onto your feet and legs as you throttle upwards of 40 miles per hour. You feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you make a nice turn around Mission Bay harbor and know that this is what it means to be alive.

There’s nothing quite as exquisite as the thrill of riding a jet ski out on a hot summer day in San Diego. Take the boat out too for the ultimate day of fun. Have you ever gone out on a boat with jet skis? Most boat rental companies will offer you jet skis at discount pricing if you’re willing to rent enough of them plus a boat. It can be a high ticket but man is it worth the experience. How often do you get to go out on the water with a boat and some jet skis (amm i rite?).

Look ladies and gentlemen, you know I’m an avid San Diegan who loves to enjoy outdoor sports. So I have to give props here to Jet Ski Rentals San Diego knows how to have a good time. They’ll ‘let you off the hook a bit’ to make sure you have an amazing time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Bring the right equipment. You’re going to want to bring sun screen, swim wear (bikinis and board shorts ladies and gents!), flip flops, sun glasses and probably some snacks! Make sure you bring snorkels if you plan on taking your boat and jet skis to a local under water park or reef! The underwater fish sightings can be absolutely amazing!
  2. Make sure to plan ahead and book your reservations early! Especially if it’s PEAK summer season! In the summer time, you’ll be lucky to get last minute bookings for jet ski rentals in San Diego. Call and plan ahead and put a deposit down to save your spot. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re sipping on a cold one enjoying the open water.
  3. Bring some booze….but just a little. Okay, obviously we have to place a disclaimer so here it is: We are not advocating drinking and driving. Obviously if you’re sipping on some White Claws and you want to take your jet ski rental for a spin, you’re going to have to be smart about it! Don’t drink and wave run!

And that’s it! With this short list, you’re bound to have a blast — in style! Speaking of which, while you’re waiting for your special day to arrive to fly on the open water with your jet ski rental in San Diego, check out some of the latest jet ski models from Yamaha. I love watching the videos of them being taken for a spin. Nothing gets my blood going and me more ready than watching these extreme machines in action!

There are jet skis that can get in excess of up to 60 miles per hour! That is fast! Imagine flying over the water, going the same speed you normally would travel on the freeway! Insane.

Keep it safe when you’re out on the water and be sure to have a great time at Jet Ski Rentals San Diego and your local boat rental store as you prepare for your next fun adventures out on the water. I look forward to seeing you in Mission Bay and Coronado with wave runners. Maybe we can race! Just remember don’t drink White Claws and start wave running.